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Preview: Baba Vanga Fall 2016

Baba Vanga is a Prague-based label aiming to dig out the obscure and experimental (not only) from the Central and Eastern European music scene. We’re bringing you five exclusive tracks from their fall roster.


Easterndaze x Berlin

For twelve days, independent art collectives will join forces in the German capital to bring out the best of underground culture from Eastern and Central Europe. Get ready for the celebration with our hand-picked playlist!


C is for CARLA

Who is Carla? She’s a cool kid. She wears light-washed denim, her pink cheeks glow, she wears lipgloss sweet like a bubblegum, and she kind of looks like the most lovable retro queen.


Mixtape: Yung Soft

French DJ and music producer Yung Soft, former member of ex-Ideal Corpus duo, which played at this year’s Creepy Teepee festival, brings us an exclusive mixtape to combat your post-summer blues.


Local heroes: Anita Somrová

Anita Somrová is a Brno based artist, curator, and the real beige diva of yeezy universe. We talk about escape as reflected in her artwork as well as her work space, and the struggle of being a progressive female artist on the local art scene.


Hazy Horizons of Cuba

Weronika Zalewska’s photographic storytelling reveals an authentic face of Caribbean world. Her photos, dreamy and steamy, unveil the inner turmoil of Cuban streets outside the space of touristic sensations.


Výlet do hravého sveta detstva

Oblečenie, v ktorom sa cítite ako dieťa, ktoré sa vkradlo do šatníka rodičov. Nadrozmerné hračky, ktoré vam pripomenú, aké je to byť dieťaťom, pre ktoré sú všetky veci v porovnaní s ním obrovské.

Tereza Hlouchova, 2016

Vzpomínky na nejlepší léto

Témata jako architektura, výlety, kamarádi nebo turistické destinace nás na konci léta dostávají zpět do bezstarostného časoprostoru prázdnin.


Reimagining literary (anti)heroes

Impressive gender-bending illustrations of literary heroes by uvkitsune. Bright colours, simple shapes, hip looks – finger-drawn in a mobile app!


5x Biala

Multi-talented Polish artist Alicja Biala shares her take on modern youth in ironic drawings.

Krista Miltina – Youth 1, 2016

Grumpy and Sarcastic Youth

Krista Miltiņa’s silly little men are a perfectly cynical portrayal of careless youth, tough situations, and the bizarreness of life in general.