Report: 6 years of aufnahme + wiedergabe

Enter the world where darkness reigns through our photo report from one of the finest Berlin-based label’s birthday party.

Text + Photo by Anna Wim

Following its successful 5th birthday party for which the German record label joined forces with Boiler Room, aufnahme + wiedergabe, a musical haven of all things dark, industrial, and minimal, celebrated its 6th anniversary in a similar fashion. On February 24th, the label took over Arena Club, a repurposed boiler house right off the River Spree, with a line-up compiling some of the many exciting names on the label’s roster.

The bare bricks and exposed pipes of Arena provided for a raw yet intense atmosphere, and no matter in which corner of the industrial maze you were trying to hide, you couldn’t escape the heavy sounds soaring from the downstairs room. The night’s incredible music menu was kicked off by SΛRIN, followed by a live set by Die Selektion, one of the first bands ever signed to aufnahme + wiedergabe, joined by Drangsal for a few songs. Their gloomy synths were quickly transformed into a wall of harsh techno sounds when Konkurs (Blush Response + SΛRIN) took over. The night continued with sets by Pogo im Säurebad, Philipp Strobel (the founder of a + w himself), Codex Empire’s live show, a 4-hour-long DJ set by Schwefelgelb’s Sid and Eddy, and was brought to a close with another—spontaneous—set by Philipp. Throughout the whole night, the club was filled with heavy smoke and musky smell of sweat combined with the scent of leather, floating above the frenzied crowd clad in dark clothes with shining metal spikes, dangling chains, and smooth latex. We packed an analog camera with us, put on several layers of black, and tried to capture the gist of what this dark celebration was all about. Scroll down to see our photo report.

If you’re in Berlin, make sure not to miss another great event hosted by aufnahme + wiedergabe at Urban Spree on March 9th, featuring live shows by DVA DAMAS and Autumns, Silent Servant’s and Philipp Strobel’s joint set, Miss Italia, and Chloé Lula. Check the event info here.


















aufnahme + wiedergabe: Website, Facebook, Soundcloud
Text + Photo: Anna Wim

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