Kink is a Czech-based online magazine picking the best out of the European alternative art, music and cultural scene. Founded in 2014, and originally written in Czech, Kink has managed to grow to such extent that its team is now spread out all over Europe, eager to shed light on the most interesting and ambitious projects springing up all across the continent. Diluting the difference between East and West, Kink aims to bring out those minds that are not afraid to stand out. Minds that want to provoke, educate, revolt.


Meet the team!

Anna Wim (editor-in-chief, communication & PR)

Gabriela Holesova (editor)

Livia Tomeckova (editor)

Mahulena Kopecka (editor)

Paulina Matova (visuals, PR)

Polina Korneeva (editor)


Contributors & collaborators:

Barbora Tögel, Dánae Cuesta, Lillian Dam BraciaMaria Gnezdilova, Melisa Minca, Polina KorneevaTereza Stouracova, uvkitsuneZoe McArthur


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