5x Biala

Multi-talented Polish artist Alicja Biala shares her take on modern youth in ironic drawings.

Polish-born artist Alicja Biala is a modern age wonderwoman. Not only has she presented her graduate collection at Designers’ Nest, a young talent showcase during Copenhagen Fashion Week, her drawings are often published in AnOther magazine, Less Magazine or K Mag, and one of them is decorating a picturesque Portuguese street in the form of a large-scale mural. We asked her to illustrate her idea of youth for us.

Kink_Alicja-Biala_Masturbation Masturbation

Kink_Alicja-Biala_Alcoholisation Alcoholisation

Kink_Alicja-Biala_Education Education

Kink_Alicja-Biala_Lazyness Laziness

Kink_Alicja-Biala_Sexualisation Sexualisation

Illustration: Alicja BialaInstagram
Text: Anna Wim