Announcement: Eastern Queerope

This year's Alt*Pride focuses on the queer identity experience in the east of Europe, particularly dealing with the subjects of ethnicity and social inequality. We’re inviting the activists to share their alternative views on the queer community with Kink!

Text by Gabriela Holesova & Anna Wim



The second edition of Alt*Pride, bearing the name “Východní Queeropa”/”Eastern Queerope”, an alternative to Prague Pride ran by a collective of queer activists, will be an array of activities including workshops on sex positivity, a variety of support groups as well as events criticising elements of the queer community itself.

Taking place on 9 – 13. 8. at the autonomous social centre Klinika, the programme’s objective will be to steer the queer identity away from any perceptions of it being part of corporate marketing campaigns and tackle the still present issues of exclusion and oppression. Prior to Alt*Pride, a charity event will be held at Brno’s Bajkazyl on 28. 6., raising money for the guests’ travel expenses.

We have teamed up with Alt*Pride to bring you exclusive content on various queer topics throughout the whole summer. The Alt*Pride collective will tackle diverse questions and problems related to the queer experience through guest posts on Kink; and we will provide reports and updates from Alt*Pride’s exciting program for those who cannot make it to the events. Stay tuned for the queer festivities!


Alt*Pride: Website, Facebook
Contact: Marie Feryna, Tereza Zvolská
Text: Gabriela Holesova, Anna Wim

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