The importance of dreaming

Polish artist and illustrator Anna Ocipinska’s illustrations take the viewer to a dreamy place, where humans and nature connect and grow through each other.

Anna’s otherworldly, surreal illustrations show us different phases and angles of human movement. One has to wonder if it’s a view from the middle of sleep, an interception of a REM stage. In her manifesto, Anna describes the importance of sweet night-time activity for her life and art – it’s the dreams that helps us to let go of the past and see our future and fulfillment. The power to dream gives us the strength to achieve something – anything we want to.

In Anna’s pictures, little leaves and stalks grow around the subjects—women—through their heads and bodies, portrayed in soft yet radiant colors and very subtle lines. Both the atmosphere and the forest-like scenery reminds us of connection between femininity and nature. Together with her manifesto, one can interpret the artist’s work as empowering – according to Anna’s words it’s always better to try than not, only we ourselves are our own limit. And as she says: “Everything will be good in the end – if not, just listen to Queen’s “Don’t stop me now”.


“When I close my eyes and think about strength, I see the dreams. I see the ability to dream, to chase the stars, to leave your past behind you and go ahead. The ability to grow some flowers and give them water to live. To allow yourself to choose new road that will bring you out happiness and fulfillment. Because when you are strength enough to dream, you can achieve everything in your life. I always say that there is nothing more important in your life than to have the reason that you can live for.
You can have a lover, a friend or a dog, but when everyone leaves you, you will never feel alone. Your soul will be full of lights. Your lungs will be breathing. Your heart will be beating.
You will have the sense of your life – your passion, your dreams, that make you feel needed.
Realise that the world is so big and so exciting that if you take care of your flowers, you can pace the oceans and the mountains. Sometimes you will have to be crazy, take risks and cross the boundaries, but never stop breathing. Just remember that it’s better to regret something that you’ve done, than something you haven’t. You are your only limit, so follow your madness and never give up. Everything will be good in the end. If not, just play „Don’t stop me now” by Queen. I always do that and it always works.”







Anna Ocipinska: Portfolio, Instagram
Text: Mahulena Kopecka

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