All tied up

Breaking the stereotypes of traditional BDSM portrayals, Anna Wim extends the reach far beyond and involves her friends and members of her family to show that kink can literally be for anyone.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

Steering clear of the typical way that bondage and kink-related things are depicted where the division of power is self-evident, the Czech artist based in Berlin opted for playful visuals manifesting that BDSM should first and foremost be entirely up to you, without any need to fit the clichéd image it usually carries. She remarks: “Such stereotyped imagery, often leading to perception of BDSM as a certain unhealthy imbalance of control that is way out of the norm, might be exactly what kink is all about for some, but to me, it strips it off the fun and playfulness, and paints it as an activity that can only be done in one, very specific way. I wanted to show that literally anyone can enjoy some kinky fun, no matter what their age, sexuality, gender etc. is.”

Anna further continues: “I used my friends and family (my grandma and both parents participated) as models – for some of them it was their very first experience with anything kink-related. The shoot was actually a great bonding (pun intended) experience; with each model, we worked out the styling and composition together, and slouched endlessly over the laptop screen trying to figure out how to make the desired tie from an online tutorial.”





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Text: Gabriela Holesova

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