Let It Bleed

A simple yet oddly gruesome child’s play started beHind cKrist’s illustrating career. We bring you a series of artworks centered around blood, ghosts, and other somber elements.

Hanuš Horák, or beHind cKrist if you like, started drawing as a little boy. Unlike other youngsters, drawing happy families in tiny houses with triangle-shaped curtains in the windows, rather erratic flowers in the garden and a section of a yellow circle representing the sun in the upper corner, his doodles depicted fairly morbid sceneries. Building his own hand-drawn army used for recreating bloody wars with his cousin or sketching drastic battles, torn limbs, and suffering soldiers were amongst some of his favourite not-so-innocent pastimes.

Now take a look at beHind cKrist’s recent work – it’s crystal clear that he didn’t quite grow out of this childish fascination with bloodsheds and mysterious obscurity. And he openly admits it too. Refraining from calling himself an “illustrator”, he describes his working process as random, intuitive fiddling and scribbling in his notebook, sometimes stitching up specific parts on the screen of his computer.

Check out the gloomy series of illustrations—specially compiled for our current topic—below. Raise your swords and let the blood flow!










Hanuš Horák / beHind cKrist: Instagram
Hanuš is also behind the project Noodles Apparel
Text: Anna Wim

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