Invitation: Berlin Atonal 2017

Come mid-August, drop those beachy vibes with sun reflecting in your eyes and descend into the world of darkness and noise set in a vast block of concrete. Let Berlin Atonal swallow your heart and soul because what awaits behind the gates is well worth the price.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

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A festival of sonic and visual art with its boisterous history dating back to 1982, this year’s Atonal will keep the momentum picked up at the previous editions and present a plethora of exciting new collaborations of sound artists accompanied by visual art installations, talks, workshops and performances. Located in the concrete temple of the Kraftwerk complex, the five day techno festival stretching from 16. to 20. 8. well fits the venue of the ex-power plant generously offering astounding acoustics through its giant structure.

The highlights of this year’s programme include a number of one-off performances; Pan Daijing debuting her live act titled “Fist Piece”, Puce Mary presenting “A Feast Before the Drought”, Roly Porter and Paul Jebanasm premiering “ALTAR” – a ritual system music performance, and Powell together with Wolfgang Tillmans performing a collaborative live show.

Not sure what to choose from the vast lineup? Here are some of our hot picks from this year’s lineup to get you in the mood for the earth-shattering Atonal experience:

On the starting night, we recommend to get to Kraftwerk early, not only to check out the installations before the complex gets too crowded, but to, foremost, check out, OKTOPHONIE, an epic 8-channel spatial acousmatic piece composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen from his opera cycle LICHT. Make sure to stay for Carla dal Forno’s, Wolf Eyes’, and Mats Erlandson’s sets too!

Thursday night calls for Demdike Stare with Michael England and Damien Dubrovnik, the Copenhagen-based duo comprising of the founder of posh isolation, who will present their project Great Many Arrows. Another Danish noise talent, Puce Mary, will premiere a new live performance entitled A Feast Before the Drought on Friday, letting Roly Porter + Paul Jebanasam to take over the stage to unleash ALTAR. On Saturday night, make sure to check out at least some of the exciting new collaborations, such as Fis + Renick Bell, Shackleton + Anika with Strawalde + Pedro Maia. who will present Behind the Glass, and, last but not least, Powell with the acclaimed artist Wolfgang Tillmans.

The final Sunday night will bring some of the performances we look forward to the most – Varg’s project Nordic Flora, for which the Northern Electronics’ artist is collaborating with a wide array of diverse, equally talented performers, including AnnaMelina, SKY H1, Oli XL, SWAN MEAT, Matti Bye, Chloe Wise and Ecco2k; and Chinese-born Pan Daijing’s newest piece of work named “Fist Piece, exploring the human voice and bodies.

Scroll down to see the full lineup and schedule.

Full festival passes as well as single-day ticket are on sale at the Berlin Atonal website.


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Text: Gabriela Holesova

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