Welcome to the (brutalist) jungle

See how Hænke revived the concrete-heavy premises of the Czech Centre in London with eye-pleasing potted plants.

For those who don’t know Hænke yet—though how could you not at least heard of them after their successful installation in front of Prague’s National Theatre this summer, which managed to go pretty viral on Instagram—, it is a Czech-based project/collective trying to fuse plants, people, and urban spaces. Apart from public installations, they also hold workshops for all plant aficionados. The project was founded in 2017, and pays tribute to a Czech botanist and explorer Thaddaus Häenke with its name.

For their latest happening, called “Brutal Green,” the Hænke team took over the brutalist building of the Czech Embassy in Notting Hill, London, where the Czech Centre had recently moved, and attempted to breathe in a new life to it with their little green helpers. Drawing on research stating that plants in office environments rapidly increase work efficiency and overall vibe, they decorated the concrete grounds of the embassy with abundance of potted plants from Conservatory Archives, all displayed in statement planters from Conpot London.

To immerse yourself into the—quite literal—urban jungle, watch the video, made by FAMU graduate Anezka Horova, below. Let them see green!


Brutal Green | houseplants for Czech Centre London from Haenke on Vimeo.


Brutal Green_installation

Brutal Green_Anezka Horova_IV


Brutal Green_installation II


Brutal Green_Anezka Horova_V


Hænke: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Video, photos: Anezka Horova
Text: Anna Wim

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