Preview: burningboy’s Harm Reduction

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Unapologetic bohemian, reckless punk. burningboy, who cockily claims his motto to be “sex, drugs and karaoke”, will drop his 4th album called “Harm Reduction” on Nov. 9. Stating that MP3 music has no soul, he refuses to release the album on anything but vinyl, available to order via his Facebook page. You can look forward to 6 songs by burningboy on side A, and to 6 remixes by Panačik, who also produced the record and designed the cover.




“Harm Reduction” borrowed its name from the practice that aims to minimize the negative consequences of drug use in people unable/unwilling to stop. The title itself might indicate that burningboy is leaving behind his free-spirited past, and the songs, guest-starring singers Kateřina Ve and Sára Milfajtová, reveal this tendency too. As he himself states, they are “more melodic and colorful”, and there might even be a hit song or two on the record. Those who are still longing for the wilder side of burningboy’s music will not be disappointed either – Panačik’s remixes present a rougher, more eclectic version of the album.


The album release party will take place at Distillery in Brno on Friday 9th, and, just two days later, burningboy’s music will be presented during a fashion show Severa at Prototyp festival in a former prison in Cejl. To get you pumped for the live shows, listen to “Backstage” (feat. Kateřina Ve) exclusively released for Kink.


burningboy: Website, Facebook, Soundcloud
Artwork: Panačik
Text: Anna Wim

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