Christmas Giveaway

Sharing is caring and since we care about our readers here’s a little Christmas giveaway to thank you for being rad and supportive.

Christmas Eve is here. Some of you might be in the midst of dinner feast preparations, some of you may be wrapping little gifts, or wander around on snowy walks. Some of you might not do any of that today and that’s fine. Just take a minute, while you watch the same television fairy tales for the millionth time and OD on sweets, to be grateful for a place to keep you warm and a meal to satisfy the hunger.

Whether you celebrate this season or not we have a little present for you to show a little love to our readers because you guys make us happy and motivated to create new content and push the boundaries which still stand in way of so many individuals.

We teamed up with the amazing Prague-based stationery brand Papelote which creates beautiful products with cute designs and conscious eco-friendly philosophy. The little package includes Kombiné Blok B7, a set of wooden coloured pencils and Papero pencil case to keep them safe – everything you need to draw your new year plans in bright colors. If you want to participate in this giveaway head to our FB page and join a little word game in the comments. The winner will be randomly picked on Dec 30th. Yay!


Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for our New Year’s Eve special.

Kink Team

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