Queens Get the Money

Immerse yourself into some serious cunty disco craze vibes with our Cockwhore & Macho fashion editorial. Go get it, gurl.

You know the struggle: You’re planning to go out, but have no idea what to wear. This t-shirt or that top? Duh, nothing seems cool enough. And what should you play to get into the mood? Britney’s Top Hits again?

The Danish DJ & design duo Cockwhore & Macho can actually help you with both. Apart from providing you with excellent mixes of Disco & “90s Faghouse”—and being stylish as fuck themselves—, they also have their own online shops with the coolest merch ever. The collection, which includes t-shirts, hats, necklaces, and other accessories, is both sweet and sassy.

We fell in love with the chic duo at this year’s Yo! Sissy Music Festival, a two-day celebration getting the Berlin queer community together, taking place every summer. A few months later, we’re bringing you an exclusive fashion editorial shot by Lumir Spanihel. We picked our favourite Cockwhore & Macho mixtape for you to play along. Claim your cuntness and werk, werk, werk. And make sure to catch them serving you some sick beats live!










Cockwhore & Macho: Facebook, Soundcloud, Shop
Photography: Lumir Spanihel
Art direction: Lumir Spanihel, Anna Wim
MUA + Styling: Grete Astover
Model: Benjamin Sølberg
Clothes: Cockwhore & Macho, stylist’s own

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