Report: Creepy Teepee 2018

It is no doubt Creepy Teepee stands out amongst all those huge, essentially commercial European summer festivals. This year’s edition was no exception, bringing delicate moments of pure happiness mixed with weirdness to everyone who was there. Read our report, accompanied by snaps capturing its raw energy by photographer Vaclav Mach.

Text by Polina Korneeva, photos by Vaclav Mach

Let’s start with the lows of the festival so that we can get it off our chest fast, like ripping off a bandaid. It seems like Creepy Teepee and challenges are always going hand in hand and this year’s edition of the festival was no exception. The venue, where the event was to take place, was unexpectedly changed at the very last moment, which brought quite a few negative consequences for all. As a result of this last-minute decision, there were two indoor stages: one was in a small typically local club with sticky floors and a dance pole, another one in a larger but stuffy rock-club. Going back and forth between those two places was sometimes too confusing, and, let’s be honest, the capacity of both clubs was way too small for all the visitors.








What is more, the police of Kutná Hora weren’t really happy about people sitting on the road in front of the clubs, chilling and having fun, telling them to leave the area “because of the traffic” (approximately 1-2 cars per hour at night time). Their words were not really taken into account, and later a couple of the festival visitors started dancing waltz in the streets, which, by the way, was perhaps the most magical moment of the festival.








To be fair, we have to admit that the outdoor stage, located in the backyard of an old Catholic school, was truly amazing, so much we’d forgive the organizers all the problems mentioned above in a minute. It’s also important to add that it’s exactly these imperfections that make Creepy Teepee stand out amongst the sea of summer festivals with its rebellious and non-commercial beauty.


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And now to the line up. Well, it seems that often people don’t really go to this festival in awe of the carefully selected program, picking out the trendiest names off of the (not only) European alternative scene, but rather to meet up with their friends, have loads of carefree fun, or simply to escape the dreadful everyday routine. Still, Creepy Teepee prides itself on putting together highly diverse line ups every single year, and we have to give our props to them for that. Some of our highlights were, for example, the oh-so-amazing show by South African music and performance art duo FAKA, Danish punk-rock band Iceage, Calvin Johnson’s Selector Dub Narcotic, KILBOURNE, Lubomyr Melnyk, STILL, Sean Nicholas Savage, Lauren Auder, OMNI, or Felicita.


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Creepy Teepee 2K18 once again brought us to the ACID summer camp you never wanna leave. And while we were all standing on the Kutná Hora hl.n. station platform, sharing hugs, promising to write letters every other week, the smartest people already booking hotels for the next beginning of July, all that hope in the air made us believe it’s not over yet, despite all the difficulties. Not now, not ever.


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Wanna see more of Vaclav’s pictures from the festival? Head over here!


Text: Polina Korneeva
Edit: Anna Wim
Photos: Vaclav Mach

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