Bold-colored universe

The eye-catching colors and simple lines of Spanish illustrator Cristina Daura’s artworks hide complex sceneries, all with an added hint of sarcasm and humor.

Text by Anna Wim

The Barcelona-based artist brings a clever mockery of modern age and current events into the contemporary comics game. Armed with a bright color palette and witty messages to tell, she creates imaginary-world-like sceneries that combine both chaos and order, as well as careless fun and sincere social commentary. Her artworks are born as hand-drawn sketches, and are later transferred to the computer and transformed in graphic design programs; however, even through the digitization, they keep a charming feel of authenticity and human touch.

For Kink’s topic “Illusion”, she chose an illustration where flora and fauna become one. Make sure to check Cristina’s portfolio and immerse yourself in her strange and wonderful world of (mostly) yellow, red, and blue.




Cristina Daura: Portfolio, Tumblr, Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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