Cross the Lines

The new collection of the Berlin clothing brand URAN subverts the game rules of fashion industry. Shiny coins kill the creativity. But sometimes creativity arises from the struggle.

URAN is a Berlin-based unisex clothing brand with a conscious philosophy focusing on quality  design, materials, and manufacturing. The following fashion editorial features URAN’s new collection titled “Once I Was an Artist”. According to the words of the brand’s founder/designer Melis Yildiz, the collection grew out of her bitter disenchantment caused by the clash between the intention of an artist and the commerce-driven tradition of fashion industry.

“In the industry, designers become redundant. No wonder there is no space to really create something in a world that have adapted the copy as the new idol.”

The designers get stuck in the struggle of opposing forces – the desire to be recognized and appraised by the fashion market versus the elementary need for creative self-expression. However, Melis decided to subvert the negative force and use it as a powerful drive for her work. As reflected in this collection, the artist’s suffering can be ultimately used as the source of creative flow.

“Once I Was an Artist” is an honest testimony of an artist’s pain. The models, lounging around at running tracks, just kind of express that they are done with this race for money and meaningless production. Positioned outside the traditional quantity-over-quality oriented industry, they are about to change the rules of the game.


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URAN: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Photography: Anna Urik
MUA: Dahab Gammour
Models: Alexia Hahn, Emily Iden
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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