Floral dreams

Dutch photographer Daantje Bons playfully deconstructs and reconstructs gender roles in her delicate yet striking photographs.

Text by Anna Wim

Often turning the camera lens on herself, the Utrecht-based photographer explores the social construct of femininity through her photography. Her work, characteristic with its minimalist approach and use of bright, eye-catching colors, deals with stereotypes, (unrealistic) expectations and social roles, which are wittily represented in playful compositions made of everyday objects. Over and over, Daantje’s photographs thus become somewhat of a virtual reality where food meets skin, hidden meaning meets form, and normalized ideals meet creative resistance.

Welcome to Daantje Bons’ very own gender playground, as she—perfectly rightfully—nicknames her photographic work. See her exploration of the captivating dreamy world below.



Daantje Bons: Portfolio, Instagram, Facebook
Text: Anna Wim

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