Invitation: Digital_Luv<3

The upcoming art exhibition examines the nature of love in the digital age. How do we hold hands through the WWW?

Curated By Girls in collaboration with KALTBLUT magazine present an art exhibition titled “Digital_Luv<3”. We interviewed the founder and curator of the feminist art collective Laetitia Duveau back in October on the occasion of their very first IRL exhibition in Berlin. This time, Curated By Girls return on the scene with an event featuring 12 artists working with a colorful variety of different media including GIFs, 3D art, graphic design, VJing, and hologram.

“Digital_Luv<3”, taking place over the weekend of December, 10th–11th in the multifunctional coworking space of Blogfabrik, Kreuzberg, explores the era of digital, the transformation of interpersonal bonds into binary codes, and the gradual decay of human relationships and the concept of love. The different artists approach this issue from their own specific perspectives, some aiming at more visual/aesthetic experience, some toying with more philosophical and activist attitudes, but all of the exhibited works revolve around the notion of the different forms of the body, freedom, love, and diversity. Among the involved artists are Kink-featured GIF artist Sasha Katz, or devilishly satirical illustrator Polly Nor, and others. Check out the brief selection of featured works below and make sure not to miss this special event.

Check the Facebook event here.


vash-yeah-03© VASH_YEAH

mtbd02© 멘붕

pollynor_itgotloose_1000© Polly Nor

vash-yeah-01© VASH_YEAH

sasha-katz_500© Sasha Katz

nikki-pecasso_bonercandy69© Nikki Pecasso

Digital_Luv<3: Facebook event
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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