Spark the fire

Between reality and illusion, the photography of Dorotka Kaczmarek will engulf you in a slew of sparks and electrical discharges.

A graduate of history of art and photography, Dorotka transcends the traditional concepts of photography and uses a variety of techniques to alter her works in order to highlight the meanings she wants to convey – mainly digital manipulation. The results are teetering on the verge of illusion and make you find new contexts in them every time you look at the pieces.

In this photo series, the Polish photographer focused on the literal meaning of power being a flow of energy. “This aspect is on one hand obvious and mundane, but on the other – there’s something magical, unknown and dangerous about it. The pictures are mostly inspired by the stock photography from about decade ago with its vivid and rather tacky, old school aesthetics.”, Dorotka explains.










Dorotka Kaczmarek: Portfolio, Instagram
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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