Stay (ein)horny, stay safe

With or without feelings, (consensual) sex is fun. Win three packages of Einhorn condoms to keep it risk-free too!



No matter if you like it soft or rough, in bed, on the kitchen counter or in the nature, often or no more than once a year; you should stay protected no matter what. Sure, we all know that, but often the reality is a bit different. Have you ever woken up next to someone else’s naked body (or bodies, if you will) and wondered what the fuck happened last night, trying to figure out what the risk of being pregnant/getting a nasty STD was? Ever had to give up on a sexy session just when the things started getting real hot and steamy because none of you had the rub? If no, wow, congrats. If yes – we feel you! And we want to spare at least one of you of all these awkward, unpleasant moments for a while. And that’s why we teamed up with einhorn.





einhorn is a Berlin-based startup that will get you rid off all the stigma of buying/carrying condoms. Entirely vegan, their condoms are sold in small paper bags reminding of shiny packages of sugar-coated jelly candy, and contain 7 single-wrapped pieces, which is just about enough for an exciting night, right? Each bag is decorated with cheeky photos and illustrations, and you can also get very graphic stamps with all kinds of genitals just to show everyone how much you like cocks and pussies.



Feeling like you’re about to score soon and those 21 condoms from einhorn might be really handy? Here’s how you can win them:
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The winner will be announced on Oct. 21.




Fuck her, fuck him, fuck them, fuck you – but please, fuck safe.


einhorn: Webpage, Facebook, Instagram
Text + photos: Anna Wim