Sweat, blood, and whips

Grit your teeth, flex your muscles. Feel the power of darkness through goth gym illustration series by Eva Jaro.

You sure have visited a gym, but what about a satanist, S&M one? Everything seems fine on the first sight, but you can sense there is something hidden. Girls chained to the basement walls, shiny latex masks, ripped legs used for lifting. You can practice kick box on an oversized dildo under the supervision of a monstrous vampire. Is it just a normal workout before going out on the Halloween night or a satanist ritual for fit bodies?

Visit the spooky gym through illustrations by Brno-based artist Eva Jaro, specially made for Kink’s month of “Darkness”. The bright colours and beach-like props might be deceiving at first, but they hide a cruel and strenuous reality of twisted, eerie fitness of the future.

“Dark wave is dead, may the goth fitness era begin. Long live the S&M sport!”

“Dark wave je mrtvý. Začíná éra fitness gotiky. Bez bičování moudrosti nikdo nedosáhl. Ve zdravém těle zdravý duch. At žije sadomaso sport.”







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Text: Bajza, Anna Wim

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