See, bite, lick, stroke

Raw and unapologetic, Florian Hetz's photography captures the tart beauty of cum and sweat.

Photographic works of the artist, currently living and working in Berlin, focus on physicality in its purest form. The highly detailed crispy pictures serve as a rough and honest testament proving that there is, and never has been, nothing gross or cringy about the corporeal being. It is a delicate survey through art of every inch of our skin, every curve, crease and hole, every little hair that twists and curls underneath the clothes. It is a study of the undifferentiated body in its extreme, when the heartbeat meets the emotion in sweat and blood. The flash reflected in fresh salty cum makes you appreciate the intimacy in exposure. The bodily experience is inherently sensual and accordingly, you can see, taste, feel, and touch through Hetz‘s work.

Florian‘s first photo publication “The Matter of Absence” will be released in the art book series Portfolio1000 this month. The book launch party is held on October 8, 2016 at Berghain, Berlin. Until then, we bring you a little appetizer to get the juices flowing.

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Florian Hetz: Portfolio
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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