Youtube-surfing and decadent cocktails with GENTS

GENTS are a young Danish band whose music, accompanied by cheesy VHS-style videos, will take you right to the 80s. We interviewed them about their music style and upcoming plans.

It was a hot summer night when I approached the two Danish boys, Niels and Theis, and asked about this interview. Gents were playing in a small, quite obscure bar in Neukölln. JEKS (project of the Finnish Jaakko Eino Kalevi) and Promisekeeper also played that night, amongst the plastic decorations, spilled beer and slot machines. The crowd gathered outside, clutching the cheap beer bottles bought in the späti next door, only moving to the stuffy, dimmed bar for the performances. When Gents played, everyone gathered around them, leaving them no more than a few meters to play at. It was a magical night.

Now, after this long time, we’ve all managed to catch up on the promises made on that tropical night. We asked the Danish duo a couple of questions, and we promise you won’t regret reading it, they’re a funny bunch!


GENTS by Dennis Morton © Dennis Morton


How did you two get together? And what is the story behind your name, GENTS?
We started making music in Berlin with a shared love for old synths and tacky music. GENTS is of course short for The Grand Erotic Niels & Theis Society.


If you had to describe your sound in one word, what would it be?


Where do you get your music inspiration from? Would you say that living in Scandinavia, or in Copenhagen in particular, plays a certain role in your creative process?
We get our inspiration from deep ends of the dark web. Youtube-surfing with a decent amount of decadent cocktails.
Copenhagen is where we live, and there’s a lot of great stuff happening when it comes to music and art in general. It is obviously very inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent, but we don’t write our songs in Copenhagen though. Every now and then we hibernate in the countryside for weeks, only focused on writing and producing.



You have quite a distinctive 80s influence in your music and your videos. Where does that come from?
It comes from 1980 to 1989. Most artists back then weren’t afraid of taking themselves seriously. Sometimes way too seriously. That is both hilarious but also very intriguing.


The first time I saw you was at Bakken (a small bar in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen) in autumn 2015, playing squeezed between the DJ booth and the bathroom corridor. Just this summer, you played at Roskilde, which is the biggest festival in Denmark – which must have been a huge change. What is your experience with playing at the big stage?
A shitload of people! We were extremely overwhelmed even though we expected a lot. But we still do small floor shows at bars. Very different experiences, but we totally love both.


What are your upcoming plans?
We are currently making our first full length album. It will be out in the beginning of next year and then we’ll make a tour through Europe with the new songs. Hopefully we’ll swing by The Czech Republic <3



The topic of this month is ‘Feelings’. Is music writing a form of escaping your own feelings, or perhaps channeling them?
Definitely a way of channeling! Music can express the intensity of feelings. You know, pure and distinct feelings. In reality, dealing with people’s feelings is way too confusing.


Could you match the following feelings with a song you like?
Angry: Slipknot – Pulse of Maggots … all time fav <3
Determined: Rod Stewart – Young Turks … pretty sure on this one
In love: Sean Nicholas Savage – Naturally …. because that’s the way love comes
Excited: The Pointer Sisters – I’m so excited … what’s there to say?
Disappointed: Billy Idol – Eyes Without a Face …. there’s eyes – but no face! Major letdown.


We’re always looking for new talents from the local European culture scene. Is there anyone you think we should keep an eye on?
Shout out to Vellness Plader. It is a small Danish label, with a bunch of amazing young bands.


Gents: Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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