Digital sex, next level

The future of porn is 3D and surreal. Welcome to the dirty world of Girls Unawares.

Text by Anna Wim

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You might think that virtual reality porn is way out there, but wait till you see Girls Unawares. Since 2011, Hamburg-based artist Can creates sexually arousing images that even the kinkiest of us have never dreamt of.

It has all the components of your classic porn – dicks, vulvas, boobs, dildos,… Only that nothing else quite fits the regular image of erotica: there’s overgrowth of body hair, stretched body parts, genitals made up of substances completely different than flesh (a cactus-vulva, a sliced salami-breast, a Louis-Vuitton-logo-patterned penis, there’s even a boob that hides a whole living room!), all laid out in bizarre, sometimes even creepy sceneries, painted in vivid colors and patterns. It makes you confused, but at the same time you cannot look away, and soon enough you’re swallowed by the twisted, sexy universe.

Can’s works are, in fact, much more than obscure digital nudes; they’re a social commentary. With his art, he reacts to our society’s beauty standards and body ideals, as well as means of expressing one’s sexuality. Through the digitalization and re-/de-construction of bodies, he creates a little futuristic cosmos where anything is allowed, where even your weirdest desires can become true, where you can exist in any way you want, free of limitations.










Girls Unawares: Website, Instagram, Vimeo
Text: Anna Wim

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