Is the summer heat killing your will to go out and have fun? We’re teaming up with c a r e to bring you an online party you can join from the comfort of your own bed!

Text by Anna Wim

Hold back those FOMO tears, stop counting all the rusty dimes in your wallets. We got together with our friends from c a r e, “a post-Internet party taking place online,” to bring you an exciting event which you can attend from literally anywhere for free – as long as you have access to the Internet!

c a r e is a diverse community based all around the world, periodically getting together at url parties. Instead of your feet sticking to the booze spilled all over the dance floor, getting annoyed by that group of drunk tourists or hiding in the bathroom because that awful ex-hookup just showed up, the whole party takes place in an online chatroom, allowing you to be fully who you want to be: Wanna wear your comfiest pyjamas and just listen to the music? Wanna show off your best dance moves in that cool new outfit? Wanna stick to the open chat to meet like-minded people? Do it! c a re is about creating a welcoming and, um, caring, environment, and anything is allowed.

Kink has invited the oh-so-talented DJ/AV group BLAZING BULLETS that’s been shaking up the Czech party scene for quite a while now. The collective, made up of Bílej kluk, dirrtina, dzurillah, evaunit1, Irako Seigen, MARTYYNA, Melancholy of Marissa Cooper, MMA_OFFICIAL, NEW MAGIC MEDIA, and reality kongress, will stream their performances from BCAA system, a Prague-based interdisciplinary art space, accompanied by exclusive visuals.

Kinkcare will take place on August 22, from 2 to 8 PM. How to get there? Just follow the link The full line up will be announced soon – sign up for the Facebook event to get the newest updates about the party. The word on the street is there will be some extra surprise guests too! Let’s all dance together in the Internet sphere, shall we?




“how can i care better for myself?
am i having a balanced lifestyle?
how can i reach constant wellness?
should i even change anything at all?
should i accept this period, this pain?
i guess i should listen to myself more
stop lying to myself
stop reproducing repetitive schemes
leave behind one bad habit at a time
focus on myself
and give birth to creations
about what i’m living rn
being authentic can help create
protecting myself and be well surrounded
am i well surrounded?
i feel gratitude for my friends that are there for me
i count them on my hands and i remember how meaningful they are
they help me to sustain my life
it could always be worse
and i’m aware of how amazing it is
even if i feel melancholia or fomo
constant insecurities…
but i’m workin to be more flexible with life
so i can lay my head down on my own knees
and be my own best friend”


Kinkcare: Fb event
c a r e: Fb group
Artwork: Absent Fathers
Text: Anna Wim

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