In the language of dreams

Berlin-based artist Lara Minerva combines vintage porn pictures with flowers in her romantic collages, which aim to evoke feelings and as well as inner conflicts in the viewer.

Text by Mahulena Kopecka

The young, half-German half-Greek artist, who has contributed to exhibitions in Berlin and London and will have an upcoming show in New York at the end of September, lives and works in Berlin. Her work was published in i-D Germany, Prophit Art Zine and SeaFoam Magazine. She studies psychology and that reflects in her work, which is often influenced by questions about the psyché. She considers art as something she does when she feels inner urge to create or to reflect a feeling, a conflict or a thought. She takes this urge and turns it into something expressive, usually in the form of collage.

Minerva’s work shows femininity and internal conflict; for understanding her art it might be important to know that every image she uses is meant as a symbol. The artist compares this language of dreams, where images convey important information through symbols and your own associations with the images. If you see a rose in her piece, for example, it means much more than a plant or nature. This rose will, depending on its shape and form, transfer different meanings. It could stand for a lovely and beautiful feeling that is unlasting, that can hurt, and that is easily destroyed, so very vulnerable – these can all be characteristics of a rose.

The main topics of her work are desire, conflict, human relationships; she also brings in the theme of slut-shaming channeled through her depictions of nudity and sexuality that show sexuality as something very natural and human. When she shows sexuality in her art, it is often used in a symbolic way as well. It could stand for opening up to someone, showing yourself as you are or aiming to melt into one with another person, true intimacy.

Furthermore, she makes us question what we want more — love or freedom, power or innocence. She wants to invoke a conflict in a viewer’s mind, but also soothe and look for answers at the same time.



IMG_9378 Kopie 2

surrender 2


Let's inhale it together


Weltentrücken Kopie 2


unquenchable Kopie


sweet and enchanting edited


Lara Minerva: Website, Instagram
Text: Mahulena Kopecka
Edit: Lara Minerva

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