Local Heroes: LOLLAB

We had a chat with the Czech audiovisual experimental platform – about genderless future, trips abroad, the need for collaboration and support, and the harmony found within this fem-powered crew.

Text by Bajza

Meet the Czech trio LOLLAB, through our interview. The collective, which is primarily based in Prague, and their work is often to be seen at Neone club, amongst many other cool projects which breathe a new life into the local culture scene. Brought together by shared passion for club music and art, they manage to push both their own boundaries and bring fresh air into the Czech still waters.

Meet Katla (DVDJ NNS), Adina (NEW MAGIC MEDIA) and Adel Kudla.



Hi, how are you?
Katla: Absolutely fantastic!
Adina: Me too, I’m experiencing a restart of my life atm.


How did LOLLAB start? You’ve known each other for a while already – when did you decide to collaborate?
Katla: Me and Adina met at a photoshoot for a Czech designer Hana Frišonsová. Even before that, Adina’s art had caught my attention, I admired it for her “analog” approach to digital media. The idea of collaborating together somehow naturally sprouted from our friendship. Our first collab VJing was for Aïsha Devi for a club night Mosaik (for which we actually were recommended by Adel).
Adina: That’s true, I was fascinated by Katla’s hyperactivity and ability to get things done with ease, which balances my own proneness to thoughtfulness and being chill. We also share a great passion for music and club culture (which I personally see as a super important element of our society) – we want to be as active within it as possible, which is why we decided to make it more “official”.




In the beginning, it was just the two of you, a creative duo. You have a new member now, how has it been so far?
Katla: We have always viewed LOLLAB as an open platform. Each of us has different skills and experience, and by combining them, we’re able to work on wider and wider range of projects. Adel Kudla has been around since the very beginning of the project, but not physically – at the time, she was in Finland. We’re always open to take new people in!
Adina: It would be great if we were a big and strong gang.





What are your goals as an all-fem platform? Do you see any advantages in that?
Katla: Lollab started as a fem-powered platform, but it’s not exclusively for women only. I personally hope the future will be genderless. The plus side of being an all-fem platform is that we all share a certain idea of solidarity and inclusivity, which makes us feel safe and supported.
Adel: I see the advantage in the fact that, according to me, we don’t really view it this way. For me, when it comes to art, a certain will to help each other, be open and collaborate is more important than all of us being women.
Adina: I, on the contrary, see it as a very clear message for others. Of course, how we identify is not that important to our art, but the society unfortunately still shares this specific look, and therefore it can be very empowering for other girls and non-binary people to see us, creating cool things while being our own bosses. I see it as a statement and a revolt against the local bro-scene. But as Katla says, we’re not exclusive (!).



Adel Kudla


As LOLLAB, you have already worked on a plethora of projects. Your video for HERBARIUM’s track РИЗОМА and Adel’s school work “Biotop” are part of the “Post Future Journey” exhibition at Digital Arts Festival in Athens, you have also collaborated with Festival Spectaculare or Slovakia’s Swine Days. What are your upcoming plans?
Katla: We would like to travel to Athens to attend the Digital Arts Festival in person, let’s hope it will work out. Apart from collaborating on a few projects together, each of us works on her own projects; I’ve been making two videos recently, one for a producer debut from London and the other for Videos. I’m also looking forward to travelling to Estonia in August, where I’m gonna DJ and VJ at a club night called Club Felicity. Lately, you can also find me behind the DJ decks in Reykjavik.
Adel: Our participation at the Latvian festival SŪPYNĖS is in talks now. I’m also working on a solo audiovisual performance for my uni.
Adina: We’re also working on commissions, we can handle everything! :) I just started DJing as NEW MAGIC MEDIA, which takes up a great space in my mind and life and brings me a lot of joy. On top of that, I’m planning to continue working on my own radio series Echo AS, which is airing on Radio Wave, and on music journalism, that fulfills me a lot.


NNS_NMM_aisha devi

DVDJ NNS + NEW MAGIC MEDIA – Visuals for Aïsha Devi


You created new visuals for Paris-based BYE BYE OCEAN – can we expect more international collabs?
Katla: I got connected with BBO thanks to KSK and Lunchmeat. I really like these swaps with club night residents from different cities, you get out of your usual bubble and find out how the same thing is done differently somewhere else. Our whole scene is this big Internet outsider family anyway. For the fifth anniversary of BBO, we created a VJ loop which is a showcase of our approach to visual art.
Adina: I really hope there will be more international projects coming. Just recently, I worked on an artwork for a mixtape released on Classical Trax, and I’d appreciate LOLLAB making more videos and artworks for music releases.


NMM_cover4 Classical Trax mix

NEW MAGIC MEDIA – Classical Trax mixtape cover


One can often get a chance to check out your work at Neone club in Prague, which seems to be a bit of a home base for you. How are you connected to this place?
Katla: There are several links that connect me to Neone – club night KSK <3, organized by our fam, and also Lunchmeat festival, to which I sometimes lend a helping hand. Plus it also has to do a lot with the event promotion and the kind of events happening at Neone, as it is somewhat of a Mecca of our scene.
Adina: I was partying there so often I gradually swaped the dance floor for the VJ and DJ decks – thanks to LOLLAB and KSK actually! <3


NNS_KUDLA_16819210_562788013891932_2797352633448737713_o_FOTO FESTIVAL SPECTACULARE

DVDJ NNS + Adel Kudla (foto Festival Spectaculare)


How do you see the future of LOLLAB? What are your goals?
Katla: I don’t think we have any other goals but to do our work with love, I guess that’s just enough for now. I am not a very ambitious person, I am too distracted for that. Things kinda just happen on their own.
Adina: I’m also not that ambitious, I prefer to do things in a rather organic and natural way. It would be great if (in a very distant future) our team was so big, each person could pick a project to work on based on their skills or what they want to do without any pressure.


Our topic of the month is “Harmony” – how would you visually portray harmony?
Katla: It would probably be some kind of a human-free eco system.
Adel: Harmony is something very static and dark – in a good way though! :)
Adina: Dunno?





Which cultural event you recently attended stood out the most?
Katla: So far this year, it was probably CTM in Berlin for me, in particular NON Worldwide presents The Great Disappointment, Gazelle Twin and CTM x SET evening with Iranian artists. And a dream come true – Dinamarca at KSK.
Adel: I really liked Michal Cáb’s Wakushoppu concert, Richard Loskot’s exhibition in Liberec and a multimedia play Skugga Baldur at Studio Hrdinů. I usually like stuff represented by Genot Centre, Brno’s AVA collective, or Lunchmeat.
Adina: My AM180 fam often makes my music dreams come true, for example with Elysia Crampton’s gig last autumn. KSK girls manage to do that too… I’d like to write a million things, because, luckily, this happens to me almost every day.



Adel Kudla


What are you looking forward to this year?
Katla: My biggest highlight of the year is my current retreat in Iceland. Apart from that, it’s of course festivals like Creepy Teepee, Unsound, 3hd, and Lunchmeat.
Adel: I’m looking forward to summer.
Adina: I look forward to Creepy Teepee the most, then to Hyperreality festival which takes place in Vienna this May, to travelling, to all the great things my friends are planning to do, to collaborating on art projects… I look forward to DJing, a lot.

 NMM_cover Echo AS radioshowNEW MAGIC MEDIA – Echo AS radio show cover art


And last but not least; we’re always looking for new artists to feature in our magazine – is there anyone interesting you think we should write about on Kink?
Katla: Rui Ho, Dmitrievna & H5io, Linda ROE Retterová, Enchanted Lands.
Adina: The platform SISTER, it inspired us a lot. Then also Pwrplant from NY, UNITI, CLUB CHAI, more music in general. Berlin’s MEETUP events. I would appreciate articles about contemporary performance art and dance, especially in collaboration with contemporary club producents, that’s usually quite overlooked.


LOLLAB: Facebook
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NEW MAGIC MEDIA: Facebook, Soundcloud
ADEL KUDLA: Portfolio
Text: Bajza
Edit: Anna Wim

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