Color your kink

Who ever said latex clothes couldn’t be fun? Berlin-based brand LUPAE is here to shake up the fetish scene.

Text by Anna Wim

LUPAE is not for those faint at heart. The name itself comes from a Latin word for “she-wolf”, which was—obviously, duh—used as a colloquial name for women sluts. Instead of perpetuating the shaming, LUPAE aims to reappropriate the term and celebrate the powerful femmes, the “she-wolf sluts who could you eat alive.” Edgy, strong, and decadent – that’s what LUPAE’s wearers are like. No compromises, no shame; just sheer self-embracing energy.

LUPAE’s funky, party-friendly latex clothing is inspired by London’s and Manchester’s queer, sex-posi nights which prompted the brand’s founder Michele Alexine Worsley to come up with this new approach to kinky fashion. The clothes are no longer only black and red and skin-tight; they’re fun, colorful, feminine – but, most of all, wearable. The shiny, smooth texture of latex is complemented with embellishments and other fabrics, creating a chic and decadent looks that can be worn by anyone regardless of their size or gender.

Check out LUPAE’s first collection in an exclusive editorial with dominatrix and performer Bliss Theodora; and keep your eyes peeled for the brand’s original new styles!









LUPAE: Instagram
All clothing by LUPAE.
Model: Bliss Theodora
Photography, post-production: Yannick Lalardy
Hair and makeup: Jess Clarke
Set and styling: Michele Alexine Worsley
Text: Anna Wim

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