C is for CARLA

Who is Carla? She's a cool kid. She wears light-washed denim, her pink cheeks glow, she wears lipgloss sweet like a bubblegum, and she kind of looks like the most lovable retro queen.

“After four years of experimenting with all different kinds of analog cameras, I decided to switch to a digital camera. At some point, I grew out of it and didn’t create anything for over a year. When you shoot on analog, you can be sure you will get nice colours and noise, which is what I missed the most in the beginning. That goes along the excitement when you wait how the pictures turn out – despite using a light meter and your own skills, they always look a bit different than anticipated. My photography teacher says that because of that, a coincidence is presented as an intention. These days, I am trying to take pictures in a way that allows me to spend the minimum time editing, which is why I always check make-up twice (if it’s even used) and plan the shoot in advance a lot.

These pictures were shot in Bratislava during a Friday summit, when our train, tram and bus was late and we almost weren’t allowed to pass through the bridge.”

kink_mafin-laurincova_carla5 kink_mafin-laurincova_carla6 kink_mafin-laurincova_carla2 kink_mafin-laurincova_carla1 kink_mafin-laurincova_carla7 kink_mafin-laurincova_carla3

Mafin Laurincová: Instagram
Styling: Natália Sýkorová
Model: Carla/mixmodels
Text + Edit: Anna Wim