Sugar-glazed buns

Explore the re/presentation of female bodies in their online habitat with its paradoxes of simultaneous demand for purity and sexuality with Marie Wengler’s pastel-sweet photography.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

Marie Wengler is a Danish photographer creating images permeated with issues related to human social roles, behavior, and culture, clearly reflecting her background in sociology studies. Art, in this case, becomes not only a creative outlet for personal expression and exploration of oneself and one’s environment, but also a form of commentary aimed at the current sociopolitical phenomena.

The following selection of Marie’s work presents a cut through her ongoing series “DKDC”. “DKDC”, standing for “Don’t Know, Don’t Care”, is a multi-part project where the common denominator is a pastel-colored exploration of online re/presentation of young, digitally native women. The series touches upon the paradoxical position of a female body trapped in an Instagram grid, being moulded from subject into object, slowly undressing for views and likes, more vulnerable with every added filter. It is a documentation of the ambiguous position of a young feminine individual subjected to the weird sexualisation which simultaneously calls for a lolita-like purity of an unspoiled lily and sexuality of a mature woman. “DKDC” also plays upon the sugar dating concept with images of sugar-coated bodies and tender roses.
“DKDC” is not an attempt at prescriptive feminism. “I don’t try to ‘preach’ with my series of images: I don’t say that women should not portray themselves as they wish on social media, I only question the way in which women are portrayed and portray themselves. . .”

Enjoy Marie’s work below.



DKDC - Marie Wengler - what are we going to do with all of this future #8


DKDC - Marie Wengler - yes daddy #5


DKDC - Marie Wengler - yes daddy #1



Marie Wengler: Website, Instagram
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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