Flavour of iron and leather

Somewhere between painting and object, in her work Monika Kojetská expresses the laws of attraction, desire, and fetish. Turn off the light and get magnetized.

The work of Monika Kojetská, a Brno-based artist and FaVU graduate, revolves around the topics of bodily experience, sexuality, and desire. While in her earlier paintings she expressively explored the body, in her recent works she pushes these themes into a more abstract and symbolic place though still maintaining the sense of touch. The reason why her work seems to be both symbolic and sensual could be the technique which hovers somewhere between a traditional painting and art object. Monika uses different materials with regard to their essential characteristic, as vehicles of expression and unique semantics. The sleek textiles, artificial leather, magnetic foil, nylon, and metal swarf suddenly perform the function of both, signifier and signified. Lately, the main motifs forming Monika’s work have been desire, attraction, and repulsion with a tinge of fetish overtones. It’s the static electric of nylon tights scratched by sharp metal filings. The attraction of magnet irresistible to tender bushes of metal spikes. The leather crease sealed, the leather crease ruptured.

“To search deep down one’s innermost emotions and desires. To experience the intensity of the dark. Let oneself be submerged, sucked in… In the invisible, you can do anything. Yield to the temptation. What lights the fire of your fantasies? Sheen, liquid, smooth crease, slippery touch. May what you’ve got in there be my fetish. You can feel it on the skin. The skin that attracts you, it pricks, you hurt.”

Get your own experience of Monika’s suggestive work with the photos and gifs below. To get the full flavour, push play on the two exclusive tracks from Ton Tron, the creator of sound & music for Monika’s exhibition openings.














Monika Kojetska
Music: Ton Tron
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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