Longing for desire

Check out the latest video by Reykjavik-based musician MSEA, created by DVDJ NNS and Claire Paugam, exploring dissociation and disconnection of body and mind.

When Maria Carmela, originally from Toronto, sings “I miss my sex-self” in her ethereal, delicate voice, you know she’s referring to much more than just an animalistic instinct. Her song stems from a place of distortion, certain numbness of sorts. The sex-self she mourns is a disconnection between her own mind, body, and sensuality, cropping up in times of hardship. Sure, it is a cliché to compare Icelandic artists to Björk, but MSEA really remind one of her, and not just because both talented ladies hail from the same frosty island: she, like Björk owns up her own feeling as well as her sexuality, and tenderly transcribes her joys and sorrows into electrifying songs.

The video accompanying the song was put together by Czech-born DVDJ NNS and Claire Paugam. Check the body-morphing, mind-tricking video below.



MSEA: Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp
Text: Anna Wim

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