MIXTAPE: New Year’s Eve Special

The end of this year and coming of the new one is indeed a reason to celebrate. Let’s have a Kinky party all together with this New Year’s Eve mixtape.


These were pretty long 365 days but hey we’re here. Not everything was nice and peachy. This year took way too many wonderful people from us and on the other hand gave power to some individuals which could have remained in the dark. But the solemn chilly state of affairs also brought along a light of consciousness, love and kindness. We are awake, we made it, and tonight is made for loud and chirpy goodbyes to 2k16. Let’s dance, go nuts, and kiss everyone around. Leave nasty thoughts and negative vibes behind to wake up pure and strong and ready to march into the new cycle. This is the eve of purgation.

For the occasion we have an exclusive New Year’s Eve mixtape put together by Strachkvas to make tonight’s pre-drinks lit. Hit the play button and get yourself in the mood, fam.


Strachkvas: Soundcloud
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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