Fuzzy dreams

Over the hill and across the grassy greens, meet the fuzziest​ of your mellow dreams.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

In-between lush green grass and azure blue skies, ‘ok, sister’ have set their photo series that teeter on the verge of altered reality and fruits of one’s wild imagination. The creative duo comprised of two sisters, Paulina Matova and Kaa Glo, revelling in bold and kaleidoscopic aesthetics brings us to that elusive spot we cannot quite place – is it real life or is it just fantasy?

Dressed in garments made by Andrea Pavlovicova from Faculty of Arts and Design in Pilsen, the model Vladimir blends in with the flock of sheep, adopted as their own. It’s an array of dreamlike visions; blink your eyes for a second and you no longer know on which side of the reality you stand.






ok, sister: Website, Instagram, Facebook
Clothes: Andrea Pavlovicova
Model: Vladimir Volek
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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