Naked fields

Paulina Masevnina takes us to the spring countryside, a place of awakening wet soil, budding trees, and earthy fragrance of mud-covered fields. Wake up and sprout and soak in the sun as well.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

Paulina Masevnina is a young artist from Russia, currently living and creating in Brno, Czech Republic. Her art is saturated with youthful currents of playful nudity, soft hair tickling the bare skin, always balancing between gentle and rough in a softly-aggressive mode. The following photoshoot resulted from a collaboration between the photographer and the model in a response to the experience of refusal in their homeland and the eventual move to another country in search of artistic and personal freedom.

“The previous year, we had really bad situation in terms of the public attitude towards art and stuff; many exhibitions were canceled because of naked bodies on pictures. So my editorial is literally about freedom here.”

It is a little escape to the rural paradise and a celebration of the young spring sun rays on bare skin. The natural state of a wild soul.











Photography and styling: Paulina Masevnina
Model: Valentina Strilettskaya
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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