The Girls Like the Girls

It's all fun and games until she realises that this is what she's been missing. Piqi Miqi’s new video debuts on Kink.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

In his new music video, Piqi Miqi shows us into the girls’ world soaked with playfulness and desire. The American solo artist now based in Prague is a stream of pure energy, which naturally translates itself into his songs, his new track titled ‘The Girls Like the Girls’ being no exception. A funky sound combined with an uncompromising rhythm of a drum kit supports the backstory inspired by Piqi Miqi’s best friend Amanda with her favourite night out activity being luring girls away from their rigid boyfriends.

The video directed by the Arizonian film director Jay Walker now living and working in Prague is an energetic piece buzzing with bold movements choreographed by Veronika Pokorna set against a story of a guy concerned about his girlfriend. Filled with maybe not so unjustified paranoia, he comes to seek help from a private detective to spy on her, him knowing the truth about her newly discovered way of escapism. Boy you just been clowned.

Check out the music video and let it tease your anticipation of Piqi Miqi’s debut album ‘Yesterday Left Last Night’ set to release on 14 May.



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Cover photo: Dinara Zhumazhan
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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