Pixels and roses

Moscow GIF artist Sasha Katz knits digital loops of binary codes and powder pink flowers.

Through her GIFs, Sasha Katz creates a fun and soft universe of wiggly everyday objects. She uses the rather unusual medium to reflect on the reality of our tech-saturated yet still gently organic worlds, constructing a dichotomy of warm pastel themes and the cold digital form. There is a translucent cloud of nostalgia evoked by the almost porcelain-like objects depicted in a bulky fashion which resembles the 8-bit graphics of our early computer days.

Some of the reappearing themes in Katz’s work are nail-polished hands, roses, notebooks and cute cigs. It’s like a tea-rose party in a virtual space held in celebration of the 21st century sweet’n’sour tenderness.


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Sasha Katz: Portfolio, Facebook, Instagram
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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