Unleash your power game

Playful and honest, Polly Brown's photographs capture your attention through clever plays on words and unexpectedness.

London-based photographer Polly Brown balances between the worlds of art and fashion and creates conceptual visual projects. Her pictures are candid portrayals of people surrounding her and everyday objects in ways that spark curiosity and make you think about what exactly went on behind the scenes.

POWER is a photo series looking at the casual use of the word power. Through repetition and the monotonous use of power cables, the series highlights the intricacy and gravity of a word. Polly’s work often looks for the expansive in the everyday, when the idea of power and how it is achieved and distributed is a question most present at this moment in history, she looks inwards to how we associate with the word in our everyday.


POWER PollyBrown

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Text: Gabriela Holesova

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