Invitation: Reclaim the Feminine

Boobs here, boobs there, boobs everywhere you look. Make sure not to miss Annique Delphine’s upcoming exhibition at Berlin’s coGalleries.

“We have been objectified to such an extent that we are no longer seen as human beings but as sexual gadgets. We have been separated from our whole. Turned into a commodity. Femininity has been so far removed from our nature that it has become alien to people. Something they are afraid of. Something that needs to be controlled, censored or concealed as if it were a looming threat. But I believe the real threat is the imbalance that has been cultivated from this patriarchal society. So I am calling on femininity to come and take back its place. Its rightful place next to masculinity. To make us all whole again.”
– Annique Delphine


Annique Delphine, Untitled, 2016Annique Delphine – Untitled, 2016


Inspired by the cheap, plastic anti-stress boobs, the Berlin-based artist creates artworks that explore the objectification and sexualization of women’s bodies, and uses the commonly oversexualized body parts, in her case breasts, in witty, playful compositions. Putting them into a cage or hiding her face in oversized, handmade boobs on portraits, all of the artworks provide a clever commentary on the state of our society and the objectification of femininity within it. Delphine – Self Portrait in Bed, 2016


The exhibition, curated by Emma McKee, opens on Thursday the 9th, and will run until February 28 at coGalleries in Berlin’s Mitte district. Apart from checking out the displayed artworks, you can also take an active part in reclaiming the feminine by attending one of the 2-day workshops where Annique will teach you how to make your own “boob head”, followed by a brunch and public boob-testing. If you’re already way too excited and cannot wait to find yourself in the boob-land, make sure to keep your eyes peeled when walking down the streets of Berlin – the artist is invading the cityscape with soft, anti-stress boobs, and you might as well score one for yourself to keep!


ANNIQUE.DELPHINE_summertime.sadnessAnnique Delphine – Summertime Sadness, 2016


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