Report: 3hd Festival 2017 – Whatever You Thought, Think Again

This year’s 3hd festival searched for answers to some very poignant and challenging questions. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, here’s our report!

Text and photos by Polina Korneeva

This year’s opening night of 3hd festival was taking place at OHM, which from now surprisingly seems to be a good place for lectures and panel discussions. But the main parts of the program were running at HAU theaters in Kreuzberg, which for years offered the most experimental international program in the city. One, two, three, and the huge red-lighted elevator takes you to another world, full of fresh thoughts and contemporary visions.





The program was running over four days from Nov 22 to Nov 25. The Creamcake organizers Daniela Seitz and Anja Weigl urged the visitors to go deeper and ask questions about politics, community, economic uncertainty, and communication. Unusual, sometimes very sensible and vulnerable topics were touched during the festival days. Personal stories of overcoming adversity around visibility, feminism, empowerment and community and many other issues were discussed, visualized as artworks or even performed as a short play, presented to all those who made their way to the exhibition opening on Thursday night. Has our whole perception of reality and ourselves now completely changed? If it’s true, how? And how far can this process go?





Every single day brought a range of different answers to those questions. During the “Tell Us How You Really Feel” panel, speakers were trying to deal with our life in the digital sphere. What is happening with us during the long process of building our digital identity? How transforming in time the meaning of world “connection” with rising of internet using frequency? From seemingly pretty obvious issues and answers, the participants gradually came to some real interesting topics; such as epidemic depression of the modern society and total absence of leisure time due to our rapid, buzzy lifestyles, which makes it impossible to treat this condition, also discussing the modern phenomenon of asking—or calling perhaps— for help through the variety of social media. It was a very interesting thing to hear about; and also a good reminder of how important it is to be kind and supportive to people around you.





Some inspiring answers were also given during the “Body, Technology, Politics” section, a combination of performance, a lecture, and a discussion. Participants were trying to introduce the attendants with different perspectives on the body, inside out and outside in.





What is more, visitors also had a chance to participate in parts of the program, such as Xhoir, non-utilitarian vocal workshop focused on alternative modalities of group singing as well as Meditation on Music, where, thanks to composer Marta Forsberg and artist duo Green Music, everyone could find out whether listening affects us the way that watching affects us.





The final party with City, Flora Yin-Wong, Prince Harvey, Rui Ho and Stud1nt, which again took place at OHM, was doubtless special. All the performances, united under the name “The Choice Is Yours”, perfectly completed the main theme of the festival. And just like that this year of the 3hd was officially closed. Last visitors were leaving OHM with the “rising sun”, which is now for a long time hidden somewhere far away from us. Yes, Berliners definitely need more and more of such bright and inspiring events during the freezing winter season to survive.





3hd festival: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Text + photo: Polina Korneeva
Edit: Anna Wim

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