Report: Curated by Girls 1 Year Party

The Berlin-based feminist art platform celebrated its first birthday last week – and we were there to capture every single bit of it.

Text by Anna Wim, photos by Melisa Minca

We’ve been around Curated by Girls since their very beginning, and of course we couldn’t miss their birthday party! The event took place on October 12 at the Kreuzberg club St. Georg, decorated by the CbG crew to match their own vision. Soon the space was packed by Curated by Girls’ friends and fans, checking out the exhibited art pieces or goods sold by invited feminist brands, or simply enjoying the chill music vibes provided by djs MONCHICHI, White Lie, and Coco Maria Music. The founder Laetitia then overtook the stage with her band Free Free Dom Dom, for which Polish-born artist Bad Juju supplied some kickass visuals.

However, the biggest attraction of the night was, quite unsurprisingly, the special installation by artist Annique Delphine. Titled “Club Boobicana,” it mixed tropical vibes with Annique’s signature oversized boob heads and anti-stress, squishy plastic breasts. The visitors were encouraged to enter the installation, and it promptly turned into somewhat of a photobooth – who wouldn’t like to have a selfie with a giant pink boob on their head, right?

Apart from the live program, artworks from artists affiliated with Curated by Girls were exhibited too. The pieces from Venus Libido, John Yuyi, Eylül Aslan, and many, many more were pinned to the wall all around the club, however, that didn’t do them much justice – due to their relatively small size, they were almost disappearing, and as the venue got gradually filled by more and more people, one simply could not stop and really focus and enjoy what was portrayed on them as the newcomers were pushing you here and there, trying to make their way to the front of the stage. Perhaps—at the next CbG’s birthday party—it’d be better to dedicate them a special exhibition corner where they could shine without disappearing amongst the crowd, and the viewers could really immerse themselves in the art.

Check out our photo report below and make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming Curated by Girls events!













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Curated by Girls: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Photo: Melisa Minca
Text: Anna Wim

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