Report: Easterndaze x Berlin

We packed two analog cameras and headed to Easterndaze x Berlin music events to get a taste of the underground European music scene.

One would almost forget where the mini-festival was taking place when sitting outside in the cozy garden with an intimate Italian restaurant vibe, only to be reminded by the flickering light of candles burning on the graves right behind the fence. Hiding behind heavy black curtains, the main hall of a former crematorium in Wedding, Berlin gave home to some of the most interesting artists from DIY collectives from Central and Eastern Europe for four nights.

On the first night, of which German Portals Editions and Hungarian Farbwechsel were in charge, the spacious tiled room was immersed in heavy fog, brightened up only by red or blue lights. Energetic and harsh electro sounds kept the listeners on their feet, until fading away into what seemed like a private slowdown afterparty. Czech-German union of Baba Vanga and Trade brought more danceable acts as well as flashy visuals to the venue. The two remaining nights managed to incorporate performance to the sets too – on Saturday, which belonged to Sameheads Berlin (DE) and Future Nuggets (RO), geisha outfits, old school computers and actors were brought on stage, and, after a short Sunday break, Monday’s artists presented by German Praxis Records x Christoph de Babalon and Polish WIDT dressed the colossal hall in epic visuals.

Check our photo report below and if you’re sad about missing this amazing showcase, don’t worry – you can still listen to our Easterndaze x Berlin playlist!


04Portals Editions x Farbwechsel: Arikon




06Portals Editions x Farbwechsel: Silver Waves


15Trade x Baba Vanga: Visuals by gnd

17Trade x Baba Vanga: Ziúr and visuals by Ben Kaiser


16Trade x Baba Vanga: Visuals by gnd

19Trade x Baba Vanga: Ben and Simon Kaiser from Trade03-2Praxis Records x Christoph de Babalon x WIDT: Christoph de Babalon

09-2Praxis Records x Christoph de Babalon x WIDT: WIDT

08-2Praxis Records x Christoph de Babalon x WIDT: Christoph de Babalon

11-2Sameheads Berlin x Future Nuggets

17-2Sameheads Berlin x Future Nuggets

24-2Sameheads Berlin x Future Nuggets

21-2Sameheads Berlin x Future Nuggets

Easterndaze: Web, Facebook
Text + photo: Anna Wim, Tereza Vondrackova