Seeing red

Anger is an energy. Photographer Ludmila Szulińska and her team, living amidst the turbulent political situation in Poland, know that too well.

What at first look might seem like a—great, no doubt—fashion editorial, is in fact a photo series hiding much more meaning than you’d expect. Titled “Velvet Fury,” it reacts to the current political situation in Poland, which aims to police and regulate (not only) women’s bodies, limiting their reproductive rights and freedom of choice. Indeed, Polish women have a lot to be angry about, and this anger seeps into every little aspect of their lives.

A very stupid man once said that anger doesn’t look good on women, but we all know that shit like this just doesn’t fly with us anymore: anger is a force of change, a fueling energy. This photoshoot magnificently plays with visual symbolism related to this power struggle, roughness, and lets it effortlessly clash with the presumed feminine gentleness and softness. Sometimes anger makes you put on a bright red lipstick, sometimes you break a mirror, and sometimes you change the whole world.

Check the whole photo series, shot by an all-femme team, below.












Photography: Ludmiła Szulińska (Facebook, Instagram)
Model: Kamila M (Neva Models)
Styling: Maria Polaczek
Stylist assistant: Julia Fiszer
MUA: Katarzyna Olkowska (Website, Instagram)
Set design: Katarzyna Jańczuk
1 + 2: Sweater Balenciaga, skirt Stella McCartney, shoes Marcelo Burlon, earrings Anna Samkow
3: T-shirt, jacket MSBHV, trousers Maison Margiela, shoes Nike, socks H&M, earrings Anna Samkow
4: Top Alexander Wang x Adidas, skirt Michal Szulc, shoes Adidas, sunglasses vintage
5 + 6 + 7: Dress Vetements, belt Boco (Mokotowska 48), shoes ZARA, ring Anna Samkow
8 + 9: Leather jacket Vetements, body Etam, belt Versace, trousers MSGM, rings Anna Samkow

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