Shapeless unity

Limbs intertwined, minds magically connected. The latest editorial shot by Katarina Bell and styled by Recycle Vintage Store is all about the harmony of two.

The bodies of the twin-like models seem to be peacefully blending together, tenderly embracing each other, so carefully captured by the rising star of Czech photography scene, Katarina Bell. Clad in matching outfits, provided by Prague’s finest vintage shop, Recycle Vintage Store, the power duo Ester and Matěj almost appear like androgynous creatures from far future in their acid-washed, texture-diverse uniforms. They’re here to show you that all labels and categories should be immediately diminished, stereotypes forgotten, restricting chains broken. There will be a time when there won’t prejudice and hatred and we’ll reach a symbiosis of souls, don’t you worry now.

“If you always put limits on what you can do, you find yourself without any connection with your mind. So seriously, you must go beyond it and discover that there are no rules and no limits. No proper size. No proper SHAPE. No proper place. The sooner you realize that, the faster you can create world where you are free and honest to yourself.

So hug yourself or person next to you, jump, fly, show your inner child, open your third eye and never forget to be SHAPELESS.”










Photographer: Katarina Bell
MUA: Anna Phan
Styling, clothing: Recycle Vintage Store
Models: Ester Adamová, Matěj Pšenička
Text: Anna Wim

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