Invitation: Feelings Don’t Last Forever

Open up your heart, speak your mind. Soft Within’s first group show in Berlin explores mental health, diversity, and equality.

Text by Anna Wim



The newly founded Berlin-based art platform is bringing various European artists together for their first ever exhibition, running from 26th to 30th May in the center of the German capital. Focusing on mental health, diversity, and equality, Soft Within aims to become a platform which connects artists, curators and creatives sharing similar views on social matters. Through diverse events and workshops, it will offer somewhat of an artsy safe space, using art as a healing tool.

“Feelings Don’t Last Forever” encourages both the artists and the visitors to explore their own weak spots, trying to break the idea that fragility is something to be ashamed of, allowing all participants to focus on self discovery, love and acceptance. Ten artists are participating in the exhibition: Agathe Danon, Aurora Del Rio, Laura Kärki, Sopo Kashakashvili, Anna Keller, Lorena Larraz, Cora Marin, Andrea Riba, Dora Tarasidou, and Joanna Winograd. An exclusive publication, featuring original art, photography and text, will be accompanying the exhibition, available for purchase on the opening night.

Join us at the magical place where soft becomes strong, fragile becomes powerful, and where acceptance and love will fill your soul.


“Feelings Don’t Last Forever” will take place May 26-30 on Augustrasse 35, 10119 Berlin. More info can be found here.


Soft Within: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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