Mate with a (good) cause

Feeling thirsty? Want to support refugees? With Solimate, you can do both.

Mate, a bittersweet drink that divides people into those who love it and those who hate it, is often slammed as somewhat of a staple of a trendy hipster’s diet shown on neat Instagram pictures. However, the Solidrinks’ version is way more than just a lifestyle fad – this mate will not only refresh your mind, but support those who need it at the same time.

The project was started by a couple of young Berliners with previous experience of working with refugees who wanted to come up with a new way of encouraging people to show support and care to people influenced by this increasingly more turbulent issue. Thus, each bottle has one of the four so-called “soli shouts”, which are simple messages expressing Solidrinks’ mission, such as supporting women’s rights and fighting against racism. Currently, Solimate can be bought in over 60 shops/bars in Germany, and there is already a new kind of drink in development. Through selling the drinks, they are able employ refugees as well as support their own projects.

We have made some refreshing drinks with Solimate – cheers!





Solidrinks: Website, Facebook
Photo + Text: Anna Wim