Skin so soft, touch so smooth. What about making your own body your Valentine this year?

IMG_0078 6 smallPhoto by Anna Wim


February is infamously known as the month of love, but don’t worry, we’re not gonna rush you to download Tinder or Grindr or OkCupid or any other commercial app and encourage to go on as many awkward dates as you can so that you manage to find your new bae right before the Valentine’s day. Instead, we’d like you to take a moment and think about your own body. Are you nice to it enough? When was the last time you took your poor, tired body on a fancy date? When did you stop and said “Listen, I love you the way you are.”? Do you even remember? Right, I thought so. Now get up and show your precious body some lovin’.

But let’s get a bit serious now. Body positivity ain’t that easy, we get it. And you know what? If it’s not for you, you don’t have to strive for it. Of course you can hate your own body, and that’s fine too. Who are we to tell you what to do anyway, right. Just be nice and respectful to other people’s bodies, deal?

Well, at least us at Kink will dedicate this month of love to embracing various body types and identities. We believe that, especially in the current reality of oppression and discrimination, celebrating bodies is a radical act that can go a long way. Join us on the exciting journey full of body hair, blemishes, dry skin, and chapped lips – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Share your (visual, sonic, or written) love letters dedicated to your own or other bodies with us at – the deadline for contributions is Feb 15!


Text + photo: Anna Wim

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