TOPIC: Change

Ineffective systems, fossilized thoughts – let go of the ancient ways. If it serves no more, if it helps no longer – change it.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

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Artwork by Lera Lazareva, design by Kaa Glo


Life is not static. Everything around evolves, adapts, and transforms. But sometimes we get comfy in our ways and get stuck in a rut, ignorant of the fact that what was once functional may have fallen apart by now.

This month’s topic is change – change as the realization of the need for action, change as growth, change as letting go of toxic ways, and change as the essence of vitality and drive that pushes every living organism, be it an individual or a society, forward.

So, stretch your tired limbs and move your buns, look around ‘cause maybe you have been sitting in this position for a bit too long, needles and pins everywhere! Move, speak up, change it if it’s bringing you down, tear it down if it’s blocking your way. It can be scary but not as scary as becoming a living-dead statue. Level up!

Shatter the taken-for-granted customs, wipe away the misleading shine of the olden days; share your take on the topic of change! Get in touch with us at – the deadline for contributions is July 15!

Artwork: Lera Lazareva, design by Kaa Glo
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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