TOPIC: Darkness

Strip down the day clothes and reveal your midnight attire. This month we’ll look at what hides in the black hole.

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The days are getting colder and shorter and something about the decomposing fallen leaves reminds one of their own decay. You can be scared of death, crappy Halloween costumes, or flickering candles lit on All Souls’ Day, but the scariest things are the ones lurking in the shadows of your own subconscious mind. The dark brings up the other side but it’s not necessarily evil. Let’s face your fears, grab that brush and onyx-colored ink and let out your one hundred demons just like a zen monk.

The topic of November’s issue is darkness. However, contrary to the general way of thinking, we believe that the dark makes you see what is invisible in the light. It opens the space for the innermost sentiments, the place where you stand stark naked our clothed in squeaky latex suit, a space where you lust and desire without limits, where you hurt and get hurt, where you are close to the purification by fire.

Let’s embrace the dark side of human’s nature. This is the time for the children of the night.

Would you like to share what you found in the dead of night or deep down the well of your mind? Get in touch with us at – the deadline for contributions is Nov. 15!

Artwork: Barbora Tögel
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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