TOPIC: Dream

Do your dreams dictate your reality or is it the other way around? This month, delve deep, deep down in the darkest hour and find your answer.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

senyello2Artwork by Katka Kozakova


So you just had a pretty chill day, enjoyed some okay chats, exchanged some fleeting smiles, nothing out of the ordinary. You get home in the evening, eat your light and balanced dinner and off to bed to get yourself ready for another pretty chill day. But as soon as you slowly close your eyes, catching sight of the last scenes of what you thought was your pretty chill real life, there it goes again. You find yourself in the middle of a charcoal-tinged dystopia crumbling apart into something even worse. The air is filled with smoke and you can hear some screams in the background. You turn around right when a couple of strangely familiar faces run past you. They look at you, aghast, shouting as they disappear into the distance: “It has found us!” Though not very sure what they were referring to, you questioningly begin to inspect your surroundings, sensing some kind of an uncanny presence creeping in. Without fully seeing it coming, suddenly there it is, looming over you. That’s when you get the feeling of déjà vu and everything falls into place. You’ve been here before and you know very well what’s coming. You dare to look the sinister being in the eye, and in a split second you feel the blow.

Then there comes darkness darker than before and peculiar silence. Now you manage to open your eyes and you’re in your bed. You try to get yourself in the same chill mood as everyday but it becomes harder and harder. Because deep down you know. This isn’t just a dream; it’s glued together from the facets of your reality realer than you’d like to admit. Maybe you’re not ready yet to face it in your waking state but now that you’ve realised, you’re prepared for when the night comes. And when it creeps in again, you’ll know what to do. You’ve had your antidotes all along and now they’re at the ready.

If you’d like to share your works prompted by what you jotted down in your dream diary, reach out to us at – the deadline for contributions is May 15!


Artwork: Katka Kozakova
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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